It’s so much fun to participate in the live NFT auction event with our friends over at JUNKIE, even more, thrilling to win! I see why it’s called “junkie” because it’s addicting!

The first live stream auction house for NFTs

Buy verified NFTs live from top brands, collectors, and NFT projects. Pay with a credit card, no crypto necessary!

On the JUNKIE NFT Auction platform, you can…

Find a live auction
Browse our NFT live streams across sports, collectibles, and more, to find the right auction for you

🍿Watch and hang out
Tune in to hear the backstory and see the potential upside for the NFTs on the auction

💵 Bid or buy now
When you see an NFT you want, place a bid or buy it now. All with your credit card

🔒 Own your new NFT
After purchasing, the NFT is yours! We hold custody until you’re ready to send to a crypto wallet

Digital Trading Card winnings on the NFT auction platform JUNKIE