The largest transfer of wealth is taking place right now!

It is a fascinating time as industrial investors are pouring into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency while the media warns retail investors that it is dangerous and risky. Who are we supposed to believe?

If history repeats itself as it often does then we can be quite certain that a revolution is necessary and is slowly taking place. Momentum is building and the billionaire class who have the deck stacked in their favor because they own the casino are waking up to it. The bots and tweets and influencers used to manipulate retail investors only affect the ones who aren’t savvy enough to understand how they work right?

digital trading cards

Aside from the stock market crypto funds and owning crypto, there are also nonfungible tokens. When people try to explain cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens they use commodities, securities, and currency that currently exists. I’m not sure that is an apple to apple comparison. Hopefully, you all can clarify some of them below. Here are some of the anecdotal comparisons I’ve heard:

Think of Bitcoin as gold. There is a limited supply, difficult to transact in and you shouldn’t buy a pizza with it. Presuming Bitcoin will go up in value over time since there is limited supply is this a good assumption?

Think of Etherium as silver. The transactional and functional abilities of Etherium are changing with 2.0 coming soon.

 Does this make it any more attractive or does it just follow gold in this case bitcoin?

There is USD coin, which is should be a stable coin, no? Maybe would be a great idea to curb printing money.

Is XRP going to be the currency of the world? Why is the SEC so heavily entrenched in it? They must have done something right.

Think of NFT as art: customizable digital creations, they are works of art with the value determined by the curator, the beholder, the buyer. Eli Broad and Sotheby’s “determine” what is physical art, who will end up being the MOMA of digital art? Any guesses?

DTC Digital Trading Cards Inzomnia

Think of Digital Trading Cards as baseball or magic cards, video, music, and artwork they can be collected, traded, and played. Any thoughts on the biggest digital trading card game, will it be Magic? Or something else? “How a 10-second video clip sold for $6.6 million — The video by digital artist Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, was authenticated by blockchain, which serves as a digital signature to certify who owns it and that it is the original work.”

The frontier is ablaze with more and more digital assets and transactional infrastructure being built every second. The digital transformation is here and we are so excited! All you fans and smarties out there comment in the section below and let us know what you think.

Digital Trading Cards (dtc)

for SPAWN released by HBO

DTC spawn

Fun fact: did you know the world’s first digital trading card (an optical based digital storage collection and retrieval method) was created in 1995 by Michael A. Pace and TM and patented in 1998.

dtc digital trading cards

See you all out there!

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