Crypto-currency is boldly entering the “final frontier”…

So I just read that William Shatner is selling memorabilia online with new digital trading cards “…to the WAX blockchain, but as he launches a new set of non-fungible token trading cards (NFTs) based on his life-lived-large, he?s sharing memories and rarities from a career that spans seven decades…” Amazing!

World-renowned trading cards producer, The Topps Company, is migrating to the blockchain today in a long-awaited collaboration with crypto-centric e-commerce start-up WAX featuring the Garbage Pail Kids which have recently SOLD OUT as soon as they drop. Partnering with WAX, The Topps Company is immortalizing its famed trading cards on the blockchain. And it?s starting with a classic.

We are entering a new phase where people my grandfather’s age are entering the world of digital trading cards with crypto valuations.

The Winklevii (plural for the Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame) have started their own Bitcoin exchange called Gemini and launched The Nifty Marketplace. They even have insurance. If there ever was a world where banks should be getting into this market more heavily, it is now. Cryptocurrency has always been doubted and thought of as highly volatile. Make no mistake it still is. The financial markets are volatile now too and everyone is looking for a safe haven for their hard-earned cash.

cointelegraph nft wax shatner digital trading cards

“William Shatner’s new digital trading cards feature scenes from his life, from the 1930?s to the present.”

Analysts are saying Bitcoin could hit 20k per share this year (2020). How is that even possible? I look to the massive migration away from legitimate trust in banks and the flourishing technology of the internet. It is easy to see now more than ever that cryptocurrency is just as solid a bet as the stock market fraught with massive corporate manipulation and bank puppeteering.

It gives one a sense of rebellion to own crypto and in the form of a collectible, it is even better. No heavy object sitting on your shelf gathering dust. You have a living breathing collectible that can be traded in an open marketplace online. Heck, CryptoKitties are breedable! Your collectibles can have babies.

I mean that is way more fun than waiting for your interest to compound. Who doesn?t want that level of freedom to manage your own future outside of the traditional banking structure? It?s official I am a convert, beam me up, Scottie!

DTC guest post from Nanataha


William Shatner explores the world of blockchain with new digital trading cards.

shatner digital trading cards“William Shatner is crossing a new tech frontier with the release of digital trading cards on WAX Blockchain. Collectors can buy a pack of digital trading cards that feature photographs from his personal life and movie and television career. The pictures include a photo of him hugging Leonard Nimoy and even a dental X-ray. Each card has a caption written by Shatner.”

“WAX has created blockchain-based tools to stop this kind of fraud and allow collectors to trade digital or physical items instantly and securely. The company has supported the trade of more than $100 million digital items since 2017. WAX has worked with TOPS to create digital card packs for the Garbage Pail Kids.” ? | Read more



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