Authentic, One-of-a-kind, NFT on DTC!

Wanna ride the gravy train all the way to mashed potato town?

Enter the Digital Trading Card Universe! Rob Gronkowski “Gronk” and Lindsay Lohan launched NFT – Digital Trading Cards this week. SuperBowl Champs and Hollywood are getting in on this move over to the digital currency world.

ethereum-coinThe world of art as it is known. Musicians like Kings of Leon and celebutantes like Paris Hilton, we predicted it when we talked about J. Paul Getty and his art. Here we go the digital revolution. Currency is changing over. One expert said if the US stalls getting the dollar into digital form it may result in China having the global currency.

This means everything would be weighted against it instead of the dollar.

Are you listening Fed? Government? Let’s do this! #dtc

“For the uninitiated — a group that we belonged to until recently — NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, refer to pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital ledger system underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum (ETH). While those cryptocurrencies are fungible, meaning you can trade one bitcoin (or in the IRL world, one dollar) for another identical one, each NFT is unique. NFTs can take different forms, such as virtual trading cards and other collectibles, tweets and even physical objects.

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dtc sports digital trading cards

Who wants to digitize and monetize their valuables?

A house can be digitized into cryptocurrency, Ethereum has escrow… and can too, sex tapes and even Jack Dorsey’s first tweets too wow!

Here we go! Who is in on this revolution?

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