The world’s most intergalactic blockchain trading card shop has been launched by Age of Chains (Streamstars UG), a company developing a blockchain trading card video game playing in a decentralized future.

Built on the Bitcoin blockchain, Age of Chains focuses on creating high-quality crypto-collectibles with the finest artworks since 2016. With their concept, they already were able to secure the Crypto Games Conference Choice Award 2018 in Minsk.

Age Of Chains blockchain digital trading cards logoOpening of their intergalactic trading card shop grants supporters the opportunity to build their own collection of futuristic blockchain cards. Age of Chains is using the funds obtained to follow their vision of creating a blockchain trading card video game, wherein collectors will be able to use their cards to play.

Kilian Kunst, CEO & founder of the project, said: My vision for Age of Chains is to enable the global paradigm shift towards decentralization. Our game serves to experience the benefits and beauty of blockchain technology in our world.

Opening our card shop allows us to ignite the fundraising process in collaboration with our community. We put a lot of work in the creation of every single Age of Chains card to conform to the high-quality standard of our art and project.?

At the moment, the shop offers a selection of seven different blockchain trading cards, ranging from 0.1? to 15? per card, depending on their scarcity and future capabilities within the game.

The rarest and latest of the available Series 2 cards right now is Ascendency which comes as an animated blockchain card and a circulating supply of 550 cards (total supply: 1000 cards).

The World’s Most Intergalactic Blockchain Trading Card Shop

The shop can be found on the Age of Chains website (www.AgeofChains.com). Kilian Kunst is convinced: ?The trading card industry is changing at a rapid speed and large traditional trading card players like Panini are entering the blockchain market. We are just at the beginning of a paradigm shift in which we have established a position as a supplier of superb blockchain trading cards.?

So far, supporters of the project have purchased more than 30,000 Age of Chains digital trading cards.

Posted on DigitalTradingCards.com
Date: 03/11/2020

Streamstars UG – We are creating a digital trading card-based video game that integrates blockchain technology to bring true ownership of in-game content back to the player.

Kilian Kunst (CEO & Founder)