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Digital Trading Cards (DTC) blockchain collectible marketplace and fandom community. Legacy patent holder for digital trading cards, and patent-pending. The first independent open digital marketplace on planet earth. We create and offer original digital valuables including; art, cards, collectibles, game tokens, and tons of other assets backed by our patented blockchain smart contracts, Royaltree.io . We mint digital assets that pay royalties forever. We are changing the way IP, equity, and auditing work. We promote, market and auction curated collections or single items, and the owner creators nominate the benefactors. Our goal is a universal meritocracy.

We are an ARTIST, MAKER, ATHLETE, DESIGNER, MUSICIAN, CREATOR, and FAN first organization.

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The DTC blockchain platform is 100% on-chain, offering secure and transparent transactions that can be verified by anyone. Minting costs are kept very low thanks to the Polygon platform, which ensures that the marketplace can scale efficiently and in a cost-effective way. This is an important step in bringing digital assets and art to more people while also acknowledging the impact that such technology has on the environment. Collectors can use any currency and any wallet that they want – including the likes of Apple Pay.

Artists and creators who contribute collectibles to the marketplace can access a vibrant marketplace of digital collectors who believe in the vision of blockchain-based assets and want to play a role in the burgeoning industry that surrounds it. This form of marketplace offers an innovative new way to monetize artistic excellence – providing an ongoing royalty agreement that continues to offer value as collectibles are traded. They offer complex customizable and immutable royalty splits for multiple IP holders managed by their patent-pending technology Royaltree. This provides robust and sustainable income for the creators at the heart of this ecosystem.


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Business Affairs

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“NFT will expand beyond current use cases such as collectibles, art, and gaming into the more traditional use cases, …. Companies and projects that facilitate the growth and trading of NFTs could be big winners.”Coindesk

Authentic DTC collectibles are truly unique, crafted premium content (brand, fan or athletes, artists, distinct personalities, entertainers, and stories) minted as desirable digital art, that includes original music, and animation, and could include specially crafted integrated AR-VR elements.


New partner Polygon Studios DTC digital trading cards!

New partner Polygon Studios DTC digital trading cards!

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Custom curated and marketed blockchain collectibles. Join the fandom as we become the largest independent digital trading card marketplace on the planet! 

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