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ethereum-coinAnybody who doesn’t live under a rock knows who Shawn Mendes is and who Leonard Nimoy is too if you are a fan of a certain kind of genre and a certain age. What do these two stars have in common? One is a pop star and the other a Hollywood legend and they both have NFT’s for their iconic brands. When it comes to brands they aren’t just sports legends and super heroes anymore, they are people.

Any Hollywood celebrity can tell you the hardest thing they have to wrangle is capitalizing on their iconography which is in fact themselves. Paparazzi sell photos of famous people all the time and they get nothing in return. Magazines license those photos for their sometimes salacious covers and the famous get nothing in return other than negative gossip.

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NFT + Hollywood = Big Business!

Part of the job of a star is publicity to promote an upcoming concert or tv show but lots of times their image and likeness is bought and sold without their involvement. Imagine if you created or invented something and someone sold it without your approval or permission and made tons of money. You’d be pissed. Listen I’m not saying to feel sorry for rich celebrities, however there is something to be said for “Brangelina” selling pictures of their kids and giving it to charity.

That sure turns the business model on it’s head then doesn’t it. Enter Non-fungible tokens. Art that can’t be hacked akin to images, figures and likenesses that can be propagated and sold for revenue, most of which is being donated to charity.

Collectibles of your favorite stars in digital form. What do you all think about that? Celebrities like sports figures spend a lifetime working and curating their own special brand, shouldn’t they get to choose how their image and brand and revenues get used? I think so. What do you think paparazzi think about the little blockchain development? Do they know what it means yet? 

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Check out Shawn Mendes X Genies NFT – Collect them all!

“The non-fungible token (NFT) craze continued to make inroads among pop culture brands this week with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes agreeing to issue digital wearables in partnership with avatar company Genies. – Coindesk

Maybe some stars will just use the old James Gandolfini method and flip the bird in front of their face and sell the images they want and donate to charity. Don’t think I’d mind too much, how about you? (*oh BTW we would love to produce Billie Elish or Iggy Azalea music (dtc) digital trading cards!)

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